Explore some of the stories of our work in social innovation and impact – from talks, workshops and roundtables, to projects and programmes.

Levelling up the UK through inclusive innovation

Impact Hub Bradford was recently featured in the Connected Places Catapult magazine as part of a vision for what "inclusive innovation" could be and

15 June 2022 | Imran Ali
Launch of Local Access Bradford District

Launch of Local Access Bradford District marks another chapter in Bradford’s ongoing legacy of social innovation Local Access Bradford District

10 June 2022 | Imran Ali
Hosting “Seeing Is Believing”

Earlier today we hosted the first of four city visits from Business in the Community's Seeing is Believing programme, immersing business leaders in

06 June 2022 | Imran Ali
City Of Culture 2025: Bradford Wins!

Our CEO, Kamran Rashid, is also one of the founding directors of Bradford's bid to become the UK City of Culture 2025. With news of the bid's

31 May 2022 | Imran Ali
Build Your Business – Case Study: Raja Ali

As part of the Build Your Business programme, enterprise coach Imran Hussain is developing a series of case studies highlighting the entrepreneurial

30 May 2022 | Imran Ali
Build Your Business: Introducing Enterprise Coach, Imran Hussain

We caught up with our newly appointed Enterprise Coach, Imran Hussain, as part of the Build Your Business programme recently. Imran's a month into

30 May 2022 | Imran Ali
The Dome Of The Hub

Last Friday, the team got to enjoy a demo of Live Cinema's "fulldome" immersive experience, thanks to Kate Wellham, a Bradford-based expert in 360º

25 April 2022 | Imran Ali
Meet Aïcha Bahij, creator of our mural, “This Is The Home Of Change”

We recently caught up with Aïcha Bahij – creator of This Is The Home Of Change – to reflect on the wonderful mural she created for our hub. It

06 April 2022 | Imran Ali
Launching… The Unit

Last week saw the launch of The Unit, our new partnership with Keighley Creative, backed by Channel 4 and Bradford Council - to create and access

25 March 2022 | Imran Ali
Social Enterprise Support Fund – Second Round

We're really pleased to be opening applications for the second round of the Social Enterprise Support Fund in just under two weeks time, offering

15 February 2022 | Imran Ali
Welcoming Aila Malik to the team

Earlier this month we welcomed Aila Malik – via the government's Kickstarter programme – to join the team as the first of our new Community

19 December 2021 | Imran Ali
Social Enterprise Support Fund

We're very excited to announce the opening of applications for Unltd's Social Enterprise Support Fund – offering grants between £10k -

01 December 2021 | Imran Ali
Meet Tim Rogers, of the Yorkshire Space & Satellite Centre

We're very excited that Impact Hub will be supporting on of the district's most interesting social entrepreneurs, Tim Rogers, a founder of the

26 October 2021 | Imran Ali
Now playing… “Aaliyah (After Antigone)”

Impact Hub Bradford has been transformed this week as Freedom Studios have turned the hub into the set for their new play “Aaliyah (After

11 October 2021 | Imran Ali
Innovation Hubs for more Diverse & Inclusive Cities

On 13th October, our CEO Kamran Rashid took part in a unique online discussion with the leaders of other Impact Hubs, on how their respective hubs

11 October 2021 | Imran Ali
OpenHaus November: “Purpose Led Ventures”

In this month's edition of OpenHaus, we hosted Fiona Ras-Jones as she spoke about purpose-led ventures and how creating an ethical, transparent

10 October 2021 | Imran Ali
OpenHaus October: There Is No Side Hustle, with Servane Mouazan

Our October edition of OpenHaus featured guest speaker Servane Mouazan who shared her perspectives on portfolio careers in: There Is No Side Hustle

09 September 2021 | Imran Ali
I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man(dip)

Mandip, our Chief Operating Officer and a cofounder of Impact Hub Bradford, has been a vital part of the journey of the company over many years, so

08 September 2021 | Imran Ali
OpenHaus September – Pitch, Please: How to Share the Story of Your Work and Why it Matters’

After a short break for the summer, we're really excited to resume our monthly OpenHaus series, with guest speaker Steve Richards, and a discussion

08 September 2021 | Imran Ali
The Phoenix Way: Partners Meeting

Last month, we were honoured to host the first in-person gathering of The Phoenix Way, a consortium of organisations which will be creating a series

10 August 2021 | Imran Ali
Local Access Programme: A Call for Board Members

The vision of the Local Access Programme that the Bradford Social Innovation Partnership been helping to steer is that by 2030, Bradford has a

30 July 2021 | Imran Ali
Ben McKenna at the Makers Festival

Last month, Ben McKenna – currently on our SUSTAIN programme – was invited to speak at the global Makers Festival, a gathering of all 100+

20 July 2021 | Imran Ali
Joining the Baobab Foundation

We're really excited to share that Impact Hub Bradford has become a proud member of Baobab, a new foundation that seeks to do things differently by

16 June 2021 | Imran Ali
Asma Elbadawi: Beyond The Surface

Asma Elbadawi has just been appointed as a brand ambassador for Adidas, for her work on inclusion in sport. Just last week she was featured in the

16 June 2021 | Imran Ali
Supporting Gender Empowerment

Following on from our discussion of Big Female Energy on International Women's Day earlier this year, our Chief Operating Officer, Mandip Sahota, was

16 June 2021 | Imran Ali
Introducing the SUSTAIN Cohort

  Last month we welcomed the SUSTAIN programme’s inaugural cohort to an online induction event for their first gathering. The cohort has

31 May 2021 | Imran Ali
Another Level: What’s missing from levelling up?

Last week, our CEO Kamran Rashid joined former Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell, Rt Hon Justine Greening, former Secretary of State for Education

30 April 2021 | Imran Ali
Stories of Courage – Founders who Opened Impact Hubs

"Courage is when your inner voice tells you can’t do it – and yet you do it. The fear is palpable and the uncertainty ahead raises doubts, but

23 April 2021 | Imran Ali
Welcoming the SUSTAIN Cohort

It seems like much longer than six weeks since we launched our new SUSTAIN programme to the world, but this morning, we welcomed the programme's

19 April 2021 | Imran Ali
My Open Iftar Packs for Bradford

The team at Impact Hub Bradford have long been fans of Omar Salha’s Ramadan Tent Project and the wonderful Open Iftar events which have followed.

13 April 2021 | Imran Ali
Impact Hub x World Wide Fund for Nature

As Britain mourns the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, its an appropriate moment to share the part of his legacy which has driven one

11 April 2021 | Imran Ali
The Insight Programme

Yesterday afternoon, our CEO, Kamran Rashid was joined by GatenbySanderson’s Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Ainslie Wilson-Shearer, to host

26 March 2021 | Imran Ali
The Insight Programme – GatenbySanderson x Impact Hub Bradford

GatenbySanderson’s pro bono Insight Programme  – designed to support aspiring Non-Executive Directors from under-represented groups – is now

22 March 2021 | Imran Ali
Call For Evidence: The Potential Of Civil Society

At the end of 2020 we shared our CEO, Kamran Rashid's contribution to the launch of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society and his role on the

17 March 2021 | Imran Ali
Culture 101, with the Cultural Ecology Project

We're immensely proud of one of our oldest and one our favourite members, Madiha Ansari, with the launch of her Culture 101 initiative, which just

17 March 2021 | Imran Ali
Launching Bradford’s Economic Recovery Plan

Bradford District Metropolitan Council has been a key partner for Impact Hub Bradford for many years; as well as contributing our perspectives to the

10 March 2021 | Imran Ali
Big Female Energy: International Women’s Day 2021

At Impact Hub Bradford, Big Female Energy is baked right into everything we do and every person in the organisation. Our core belief in women as

08 March 2021 | Imran Ali
Values: Codesigning Social Impact

We had a wonderful response to our survey on Codesigning Social Impact with over 60 people volunteering their experiences and perspectives for the

04 March 2021 | Imran Ali
Introducing SUSTAIN

Last week we were excited to host the digital launch of SUSTAIN, our collaboration with PwC, to support organisations trying to make a social impact

03 March 2021 | Imran Ali
Necessity – Exploring the Questions

Last year, Impact Hub Bradford joined Necessity, a living digital archive rooted in social and environmental justice. Necessity aims to

11 February 2021 | Imran Ali