Welcoming Aila Malik to the team
19 December 2021 - Imran Ali

Earlier this month we welcomed Aila Malik – via the government’s Kickstarter programme – to join the team as the first of our new Community Hosts. The hosts  will play a key role in creating a positive and welcoming experience for members and guests of the Hub. They’re the first point of contact in the space and the ones whom everyone will know as their ‘go-to’ person for anything they need help with.

We asked Aila to introduce herself and share a little about herself and what she hopes to achieve in the coming months…

Hi I have recently joined the team at Impact Hub Bradford as a Community Host, a lot of good things have happened it my life lately, I converted to Islam and am trying to learn and practice to the best of my ability. I recently got married and have enjoyed being introduced to a new lifestyle. I really enjoy cooking for the family and love getting together for a chat and chai, since being married I have really appreciated being part of a big family and love the time we spend together. Myself and my husband breed exquisite cats- British shorthairs and Bengals. They are very desirable as their look is very unique.

During my time at Impact Hub Bradford, I would like to set up a number of workshops to give people more opportunities to make the changes that they thought were impossible; to coach people to use existing skills; to develop new and ongoing ideas, giving someone that chance to recognise their dreams and achieve as much as possible. I am already enjoying being part of the team and I am really looking forward to being a part of upcoming projects and events here.

Do drop by and say hello to Aila; she’ll be able to answer any questions you have about our space, our membership plans and our programmes and will enjoy sharing a cuppa with you.