A vision for Social Impact & Social Enterprise
10 April 2019 - Kamran Rashid

In April 2019, we led a creative co-design workshop on designing a vision for social impact and social enterprise in Bradford. Participants explored everything from the support that innovators need, to ensuring that Bradford’s diversity of voices are represented.

The event was part of Bradford’s social investment bid. Access (The Foundation for Social Investment) and Big Society Capital have invited twelve cities to submit a proposal to their ten-year £33m programme of support for charities and social enterprises. Bradford is one of the cities Access and Big Society Capital have identified as being of significant interest; five cities will be selected, meaning Bradford could access £6m to build resilience and provoke some innovation. For our social enterprise scene and the community and voluntary sectors, this could be a game changer.

The workshop was supported by a local representative from Access with participants from across the district.