19 November 2020

Social Enterprise Day

Today is Social Enterprise Day 2020 – part of Global Entrepreneurs Week and a day to raise the profile of social enterprise around the world. To mark the event we’re partnering with Social Enterprise UK (of which we’re a member) and other social enterprise support bodies around the world who are running #WhoKnew – a digital campaign to allow social enterprises to shout out loud about the impact they’re having in their communities.

#WhoKnew Montage

We’re proud to be part of a city with an important history of social innovation and contribute to the #WhoKnew campaign…

  • #WhoKnew that Bradford gave us Titus Salt’s workers village in the 1800s; William Forster’s work on the first national education policy; our schools were the first to offer free meals to children.
  • #WhoKnew the city was the first UNESCO City of Film, as well as the birthplace of the Independent Labour Party.

#WhoKnew Bradford

We’re one of many custodians of this legacy of social impact and though we are ourselves a social enterprise, we hope to be the place where a new generation of social enterprises find their start.