Resilient Communities Programme
16 May 2018 - Kamran Rashid

How do you create lasting social change? In 2018, with the support of an UnLtd resilient communities grant programme, we scouted and curated community groups who need support and funding to respond to local challenges.

Notably, these include…

  • Robot Rallying, teaching kids to develop robots in preparation for jobs in the future economy.
  • Design Develop Deliver, Becky Ashworth’s series of classes on physical computing and the internet of things.
  • Vegan Asian Café by Sonia Sandhu
  • Coco15, Umran Ajaib’s venture to offer web development for charities.
  • Resilience – Mohammed Atique’s programme looking at resilience across Little Germany
  • Weirdspace a group of artists, inventors and “makers“, looking to develop a maker community and makerspace that will ultimate reside within our building.

Prior to the selection of this cohort of grantees, we hosted a consultation session of twelve participants drawn from stakeholders in Little Germany. This group defined the parameters goals for this grant scheme.

Resilient Communities

A social enterprise support day was also held in early May 2018, to bring together the cohort for the first time, help them understand the support they’d receive and define their goals and outcomes. Ian Ward, the CEO of Bradford’s The Broadway, also spoke to the group.