Welcoming the SUSTAIN Cohort
19 April 2021 - Imran Ali

It seems like much longer than six weeks since we launched our new SUSTAIN programme to the world, but this morning, we welcomed the programme’s inaugural cohort to an online induction event for their first gathering. The group was  joined by the PwC team and our newly appointed programme manager, Peter Ptashko.

We shared some our thinking about the inception of the programme – notably its positioning as a move beyond a knee-jerk response to organisations affected by COVID-19, to a recovery driven path towards rebuilding and finding new directions in a post-pandemic world. We encouraged the cohort to get to know one another through a series of provocations and heard from our team and from PwC on the support they can expect in the coming months of SUSTAIN.

We’ll share more about what’s coming up soon, but for now we’re simply enjoying bringing this wonderful and talented group together for their first meet-up… there’s much more to come!