23 October 2020

GROW – Impact Leadership in 7 weeks

This November we’ll be hosting a wonderful opportunity to join a seven-week impact leadership programme. The programme is called GROW.

The GROW programme is a collaboration between Neil Gibb (business consultant and author of The Participation Revolution), Impact Hub Bradford and Madiha Ansari, founder of the Cultural Ecology Project.

GROW: A seven-week impact leadership programme

The purpose of this programme is to empower participants to grow their enterprises and themselves, so they can deliver the social impact they’ve committed themselves to.

How much time will it take?

  • GROW will last seven weeks, from 4th November to 16th December, taking place every Wednesday, from 10am-12pm.
  • We’ll wrap up in time for the holiday season, leaving you with a direction of travel for the coming year.

How many people are involved?

  • Neil will lead the classroom sessions, and there will be coaching available from Neil and two other coaches in between. We will also be developing the capability for participants to coach each other.
  • We’re planning to host a cohort of 8 in-person and up to 6 joining remotely.
  • We think this is a great size cohort that’ll balance both diverse experiences with an intimate and tailored approach for everyone.

What you’ll bring

  • You have a purpose, something which is calling to you; an enterprise and intention you want to fulfil. It’s OK if you’re not totally clear on how to do it, or  have a full vision of what it is. We’ll work on that together as a group.
  • We don’t want you to just drop-in, but participate fully in the programme. We’re committing ourselves to you and want to make sure we get the best of one another.
  • You’ll be contributing your perspectives, values and experiences to the cohort too – we need everyone to support one another.
  • You’re ready to be coached, GROW will need all of us to reveal blindspots and commit to change and action that’ll move you beyond your comfort zone.
  • We want you to bring your whole self; our intention is this is a transformation… but maybe a little delightful too!

What we will bring

  • We’ll help reveal your blindspots, build your capacity and capability.
  • We’ll help everyone learn and grow by doing.
  • We promise a breakthrough to those that put in the action required.
  • The GROW programme is based on a leadership programme built on the principles that are laid out in Neil’s book, The Participation Revolution. You’ll get a copy of this as a source document. We’ll cover a lot of terrain, including: clarifying and honing your purpose; defining what success looks like; revealing blindspots; agile innovation; attracting users, customers, participants, and funds; developing high performing cultures; growing a thriving community, and creating passionate fans.
  • It will be stimulating and fun.
  • You’ll deliver results that will surprise you.
  • You’ll come away with a network of peers and a fellowship that’ll become a personal support and nurture group on a similar journey.
  • Great food!

How much will it cost?

  • There will be no cost to participate for those joining us in-person – but we will be asking participants to contribute to running the programme in some way. This is an exercise in building an impact community in Bradford.
  • Those joining online will have to pay a nominal fee to help cover some costs.

How do I sign up?
Register your interest telling us…

  • About yourself.
  • Your enterprise, project or venture.
  • What you’re seeking to gain from joining GROW.
  • You can send us a short audio/video recording too, if you prefer.

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