1 February 2019

Social Enterprise Ecosystem with Bradford Council

Throughout 2019, Impact Hub Bradford supported the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council with the goal of nurturing and building the city’s social enterprise sector, sustainably, in the medium and long term.

As part of the programme, our team has hosted a series of workshops, roundtables and events:

  • Mapping social enterprises and the local support ecosystem into a coherent network.
  • A series of monthly networking events, supported by training workshops and peer support events.
  • Producing and curating an annual conference for the sector.
  • Communication, marketing and promotion of the sector.
  • Ongoing research, evaluation and monitoring of the sector.


Impact Hub Bradford is part of the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. Alongside our co-working space, we work with partners to boost social enterprise and innovation. If you’d like to discuss partnering on a programme or event, please contact our team today – we’d love to help.