OpenHaus October: There Is No Side Hustle, with Servane Mouazan
9 September 2021 - Imran Ali

Our October edition of OpenHaus featured guest speaker Servane Mouazan who shared her perspectives on portfolio careers in:

There Is No Side Hustle – your side hustles ARE your hustle.

Servane is a strategic and innovation-focused social impact ecosystem builder, with a 20-year global senior experience in social enterprise, philanthropy, social investment and central government. She has developed a couple of companies (Ogunte; Servane Mouazan), building the capacity of ca 10,000 entrepreneurs,
movement leaders, finance providers and innovators – mainly women – across various social enterprise, gender equality and tech-for-good ecosystems.


Servane believes that whatever your work format is, from employment, self-employment, volunteering, to a packed portfolio of missions, out of passion or necessity, the important thing is to find a guiding star, a motto that guides you and helps you make decisions.

Servane joined our hosts, Yvonne Aboagye-Hobson and Israel Hobson, in conversation at Impact Hub on Friday 1st October.