yourBD – connecting with young Bradfordians
1 August 2017 - Kamran Rashid

In summer 2017, Impact Hub Bradford was commissioned by the City of Bradford to develop and deliver a workshop with groups of young people to identify their ambitions and encourage them to explore entrepreneurial pathways.

yourBD Poster

The cohort of young people ranging from 16-27 years old had a gender and ethnic composition representative of Bradford’s diversity.

The workshop opened with brief and some context for the purpose of the workshop from the city’s Economic Officer, notably that as the youngest city in the UK, the views of the young are vital to its future. The team set some grounds rules and encouraged an upbeat, inspiring tone driving an interactive and engaging exploration of Bradford’s future economy.

Icebreaking Exercise - Holding Hands

The workshop structure explored questions around…

  • First Impressions of Bradford and the Economy.
  • What Comes to Mind in seeing various images of Bradford.
  • Create Your Ideal City, using various design materials.

Over the course of an afternoon, the cohort divided into four groups to design the city they wanted in the future. Ideas ranged from showcasing the city’s architectural beauty; wider options for shopping and entertainment; more youth and children’s activities; profiling the city’s natural beauty for visitors.

Sharing a vision for Bradford

Some of the workshops proceedings were captured in a short film, documenting the conversations, tone and debate that went on through the day.

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