Principle Six: Networking x Social Enterprise
5 April 2018 - Kamran Rashid

In April 2018, as part of Business in the Community’s “arc” programme, we invited social entrepreneurs from across Yorkshire to participate in a series of intimate lunchtime networking events.

Our goal was to create as many collisions, collaborations, partnerships and businesses opportunities as we can, over a light lunch amongst the company of a handful of social entrepreneurs working on innovative ideas with purpose. Using the “Principle Six” format, high-energy, facilitated networking was followed with ample time for one-to-one conversations.

Our group, in April 2018, consisted of six women and four men, including one person-of-colour. They represented social ventures as diverse as creative technologists, theatrical arts, mental health, film production, local journalism and community spaces.

Dom Burch, Chair of Bradford Community Radio stated:

“Just attended an excellent event with my @bcbradio hat on at @DigitalHealthEZ run by Arc & @BITC – networking on steroids. Superb”. I had the pleasure of attending a networking event at Chapel Street with my chair of BCB hat on. Like anything that works seamlessly, it belies the skill and preparation of the team leading the event. I found it to be both enjoyable and inspiring, and a format that drove meaningful connections and importantly action.