OpenHaus November: “Purpose Led Ventures”
10 October 2021 - Imran Ali

In this month’s edition of OpenHaus, we hosted Fiona Ras-Jones as she spoke about purpose-led ventures and how creating an ethical, transparent venture with well formed structures and policies can unlock growth, scale and opportunity.

Fiona is Founder of Make Impact, an agency helping companies to lead with purpose and make their business a force for good. With a background in social enterprise and innovation she has worked across sectors with partners in the UK and Europe to create positive impact through business. She is also a fully trained B Corp B Leader, Co-Chair of the Yorkshire B Local, Guest Lecturer on the University of Bradford MBA and an Impact Hub Bradford Associate.

You can find out more about Fiona on LinkedIn.Fiona will joined our hosts, Yvonne and Israel, in conversation at Impact Hub on Friday 5th November. You can replay their discussion below…