The Unit

A space for content creators and filmmakers in the Bradford district

The Unit is a new open-access production space in the Bradford district, launched officially on 16 March 2022.

Backed by Channel 4 and Bradford Council and delivered as a partnership between Impact Hub Bradford and Keighley Creative, The Unit is:

  • A welcoming space for the district’s already accomplished filmmakers and content creators as well as anyone interested in the screen industry.
  • A place to improve opportunities for sustainable employability in commercial TV and film production, as well as digital short form.

The Unit aims to be a hub of production, learning, and supported and targeted networking for filmmakers and content creators in the Bradford district, and those interested in people trying to break into the screen sector.

Whether by providing production support through equipment loans, post- production facilities, or meeting spaces or whether through workshops with industry leaders from companies like Channel 4, The Unit has a goal of helping to carve pathways to employment in the creative industries for users of the space.

The Unit will provide full-service editing bays, high quality production equipment, and meeting and screening areas for self-scheduled events as well as The Unit’s own programme of events and workshops.

Where Is The Unit?

  • From March to September 2022 – at Impact Hub Bradford.
  • From September 2022 to March 2023 – at Keighley Creative.

The Team

  • Jordon Scott Kennedy – Screen Sector Host
  • Banita Bangar – Screen Sector Host