Our Advisory Board

Early in 2019, we drew together an informal group of advisors representing leaders in various sectors, with networks and qualities to assist our journey.

With advice, expertise and the ability to make introductions, this group has made their talents available to us ad-hoc, to assess and direct our progress and convene bi-annually to help set our strategies for the future.

This advisory board represents the first refresh of this cohort, with three 2019 appointees departing to make way for three incoming members as our mission and vision adjusted to new priorities.

Going forward, we intend to convene this group once a year, along with the board of directors and the management team, but will continue to periodically access their expertise and networks to assist us in matters of mutual benefit.

Sir Stephen Bubb
CEO, Charity Futures

David McQueen
Founder of Narratively Ltd

Kersten England
CEO, Bradford Council

Abid Hussein
Director, Diversity at Arts Council England
Syima Aslam
Director and Founder, Bradford Literature Festival
Tom Riordan
CEO, Leeds City Council
Henri Murison
Director, The Northern Powerhouse Partnership
Steve Wyler
Independent Consultant, Social Sector