Fozia Shaheen - Director, Dream Big, Aim High CIC

Fozia Shaheen

We are a new organisation set up in light of Covid. We work in partnership with other community organisations to deliver a number of projects e.g, End Food Poverty campaign, supporting families with food parcels, we provided 7000 meals to the vulnerable and those in isolation, we deliver weekly Mental Health & Wellbeing sessions which consist of 50 plus attending on a weekly.

We set up in light of COVID as we felt post COVID there will be a number of people who need our support. We wish to develop a new programme of support for adult South Asian women affected by the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an increase in the number of women needing additional support. Majority of the clients we support have long term mental and physical health conditions, they are classed as vulnerable to the Coronavirus and as a result have been shielding and self-isolating, this has further impacted their existing mental ill health.