Build Your Business – Case Study: Jassa Singh
29 November 2022 - Imran Ali

Tell us your story Jassa, what’s a typical day in the life of your work?

No day is ever exactly the same, yet there are certain things that I can acclaim to that are pillars of my work here on Earth. The start of my day is best when I dedicate it to meditation and prayer, ideally before sunrise. Being awake when the sun is rising is a reminder to me that there is always another chance.

Jassa Singh

There are multiple projects that I’m currently working on, my main focus right now is my album for my final year university project. Alongside this I’m working on building my clothing brand I HEART I, which is what the Build Your Business programme has assisted me with. I also enjoy drawing and creating digital art. My studies in Ayurveda, Qi-Gong, and breathwork exercises are another big part of my life. With all of these passions each work day is always refreshing and exciting.

Can you share some insights on your journey as an entrepreneur – the biggest opportunities and challenges; any advice could you share with others starting out?

Welcoming failure as a part of your journey rather than something to avoid will greatly assist in your success. When something goes wrong it can be used as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than letting it go to waste by worrying and complaining about it.

You reap what you sow in life, if you’re willing to put in the work and you have good intentions you’ll receive the fruits of your labour eventually. Asking for advice and help from people around you can also be beneficial, whilst at the same time not letting the opinions of others pull you away from your own vision for where you want to go. Believe in yourself even if nobody else does.

How has Build Your Business helped develop your thinking and practice?

My main obstacle was having all of the creative ideas and passion but lacking in the business side of things. The programme has helped me gain knowledge of what my options are as a self-employed business owner and I received expert advice to help me make the right choices for the business. The programme has made me much more aware of the responsibilities that come with running a business, helping me to take it more seriously and to the next level.

Jassa Singh

What are your hopes and how you see your business developing – expanding the team, new lines of business?

Ultimately, my goal with all of my various passions is to inspire and help people. Whilst it may seem smart to prioritise money to grow a business, my priority is to spread love, compassion, and kindness. I have faith that if these are my intentions God will grant me the resources I need to achieve in this mission. Having a strong sense of purpose is important, it’s what keeps me driven and motivated each day. I have a vision for I HEART I to be a global brand one day, the message of self love is one that is universal and will resonate with people all over the world. Employing designers and producing the items in house is one way I wish to expand the brand in the future.

As for new lines of business, I already have the foundations in place to launch Sticks & Stones Holistic Health. This business will focus on various different ways to maintain good health with natural methods, with our first product being Seamoss Gel.

Your entrepreneurial influences – whom do you look up to and admire?

This year a big inspiration and influence has been my good friend, fellow rapper and musician S3V4, who is also from Bradford. S3V4 has been rolling out his music this year and seeing his passion, business mindset, alongside all of his success has really inspired me. Within a year he’s built up a fanbase, released physical copies of his project, and even has an article on 50 Cent’s website. Seeing somebody from my city shine like this fuels my faith that I can do the same.